Title search & punctuation issue

This is a minor issue that probably only affects a very small number of films. In my case, just one series.

When I use the search and say (or type) “Mission Impossible” nothing comes up. This is because Infuse has the films titled, by TMDB (as they should be), Mission: Impossible.

Unfortunately, Infuse appears to search verbatim and cannot overlook the colon in the title. If I say “Mission colon Impossible” (lol) through my Siri Remote, it pops up.

Is there a fix/update that could allow search to ignore punctuations?

I just tried and I got the “Missi” entered and it brought up the whole list of Mission Impossible movies.

Did a Siri search for just “Mission” and the same results, all MI movies.

Did a Siri search for “Mission Impossible” (no colon) and the same.

Not sure why you’re not getting it.

Do you by any chance have the Infuse preference set to Show File Name “On”?

What version of Infuse are you using?

Running 7.2.1 on my iOS devices and Apple TV. “Show Filenames” is off on all. Everything is scanned and tagged by TMDB.

Yes, if I’m typing and start with a few letters it will narrow down to Mission Impossible before finishing the word “Mission”

If I just say “Mission” it comes up but “Mission Impossible” gives me nothing. I have to say “Mission colon Impossible” for it to display “Mission: Impossible” on screen. The punctuation is throwing the rest off.

All the films in the series are listed as Mission: Impossible, Mission: Impossible III, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, etc. with the colon between words.

It’s not a big issue, but I did notice it when using search to look up one of the films the other day. I primarily watch on my Apple TV so voice search via Siri is my usual go to method.

I am getting results without the colon:

Are you including the colon in the filename?

If so, you may try removing this as it’s considered an illegal character and can lead to weird issues.

The file names themselves are all listed as such:



No custom metadata on my part, just Infuse’s automatic scanning and metadata fetching from my Time Capsule.

My titles mirror what I see here on TMDB: TMDB - Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018)

Is this affecting any other titles or just these?

Do you have these located in their own folder?

Does moving the file to a different folder have any effect?

Can you check to see if maybe the folders might have been tagged to use local metadata?

I’ve made sure to delete any non-film files (e.g. .txt or .nfo) besides subtitles (if included).

I’d previously had an image art issue which I learned was from jpgs in folders, so I’ve scrubbed everything.

All of my films are self contained in their own folder that is (with rare exception) titled exactly like the file. Only TV shows share folders.

No other films that I have include punctuation in their titles (unless at the very end)

Attached is what I see when I bring up the metadata edit screen. Also included are my settings.