Infuse 6 Bug: subtitle search is way off

I bought Infuse 6, but I’m not really convinced yet. This is quite annoying, when searching for subtitles look at the difference between Infuse 5 and 6.

Is it on other series also? I know that the ampersand can cause issues. Substituting the word “and” keeps it cleaner.

I’m pretty sure that V6 uses a new API that is more reliable and has more options. You may want to check your language choices in the settings to see if that helps too.

And this is still a bug in Infuse 6, while it wasn’t in 5.
Could someone fix this please? It’s a simple search thing. Do I really need to rename my library items?

Is this affecting all series, or just this one?

Can you try using the Edit option in Infuse on one of these episodes? Doing this will refresh metadata for the series.

I did a quick test with your filename here and things seem to be working normally. See attached.