Suggestion about sorting movies

Like Zappiti, would it be possible to create an option to sort movies in alphabetical order including folders? Today, the folders (saga) are at the top and bottom the movies alone and it is not very ergonomic.

PS : I am French, I hope that my English is not too bad and that my request is clear blush

Just a suggestion, if you browse movies in the “Library” under “all movies” they will be the way you want.

Thank you for the suggestion I knew, but I do not use the Library to access movies, but shortcuts on the home page : “Séries”, “Films”, “Concerts”, “Documentaires” etc… These shortcuts are identical to the directories on my NAS.
For example in my folder “Films”, there is a subdirectory with all James Bond. If I go through “Library”, all James Bond are loose in the list and not grouped.

I hope my explanations are clear …

If you go into Library > Movies > Collections, you’ll find all the James Bond series of movies grouped and in chronological order.

You can also make the “Collections” group a favorite on the home screen by doing a long press on “Collections” and selecting either “Favorite” or “List” which ever way you prefer to present the info on the home screen.

Ok, thanks for these tips that I knew, but as said above, that’s not what I was looking for. I wish a sort as does ZAPPITI for those who know, with the collections and the films are on the same pages but sort alphabetically. But think I’m all alone to ask that … Sorry ! sad

On the screenshot ZAPPITI below, the collections are indicated by the letter “G” in red and each collection corresponds to a directory on my NAS

Okay, at the risk of telling you yet another thing you already know, have you tried turning on “Collections” in the Settings and then browsing the “All Movies” library? That shows collections in the alphabetical order within the list of movies. If that’s what you are wanting to see then you can create a “Favorite” on the home screen for the “All Movies” library view.

Ok, your method is that I want in 95% of the cases !
But there are some groupings, for example the classic Walt Disney that are not recognized as SAGA. Also the spin-offs of Star Wars (Solo and Rogue One) that are excluded from the Star Wars saga. This forces me to rearrange some of the NAS directories, but nothing very serious. Thanks for the answers, I love Infuse ! smile

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