Now first all folders are showen then the stand alone movies. Is it possible To add a Option so that folders and movies are intermingled. So a alphanetic order with dierenarts of type?

I have the same issue and it’s pretty frustrating. Currently, I have my files sorted by name alphabetically, however they will list one group from A-Z, then another group from A-Z

For example, all within the same Video Folder:

  • First, both my videos without cover art and video folders using folder.jpg are listed from A-Z
  • After that, my Movie Videos with cover art/metadata are listed from A-Z
  • And then lastly my TV Videos with cover art/metadata are listed from A-Z.

Please include an option to force all video folders within the directory to be listed in alphabetical order by file name regardless of what files/folders are in the sub directory.

Okay, I looked around the forums some more and read somewhere that the grid view groups in this order:

  1. Folders
  2. Movies
  3. TV shows
  4. Other

Would be nice to have an option to sort all 4 groups together from A-Z rather than 4 different sets of A-Z groups…