Grouping titles


Really like the app, but was wondering if there is any way to group movies together on the home screen, for example … James Bond, Woody Allen movies, Disney etc. as well as having them appear normally in alphabetical order in the relevant share;


Not sure how you have your movies stored and categorized on your NAS or other storage device, but here is a way you could do it.

– Have a general movies folder that you have most of your movies
– Have specific folders on your hard drive for each group you want (ie: James Bond, Star Wars, Disney, etc.)
– Have all the movie folders set to be part of the library, then all will show up alphabetically in the library view
– You can show/hide any of the favorite folders you want on the home screen. So, you can show each of the specific group folders you want on the home screen along with the library.

Hope that helps and that it makes sense.

Another option is to add metadata for those movies and add a genre “Bond”. Then create a favorite from the library category.