Film Saga Sorting

Is there any way to get all the movies from a Saga / Collection to be sorted in the correct order when viewing under All movies (apart from using collections)

At the moment my Star Wars Movies apear all over the place?

Are there any plans to impliment a sort title field like in plex ?


Not the most elegant solution - if you name your files star wars 1, 2, 3 etc and then set your library to organise via file name (but display movie name and obviously matching metadata), everything will appear correctly in your library. As I said, not best solution but it is a current workaround until infuse address it.

Or you can go into settings and set “Collections” to on and the movies in a collection will show as a collection in all categories not just under the collection sort.

Thanks; I had never noticed the sort by file name, most of my movies are already named with a sort order so that worked great.

The problem with turing collections on is that I like the star Wars movies to be sorted in Number order not release date and collections does not seam to sort by file name only release date.

Yeah, Star Wars especially is going to be a little issue in the future because when using collections you have to go with the movie database group decision on what is included with collections. There is one group that wants to include the entire universe in the collection (solo, rogue one etc) and others who want the pure Star Wars series without any of the other stories attached so without complete autonomy over collections there will always be one section who is not satisfied.

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