Sorting titles in favorite folders

I’m trying to understand the logic behind the sorting.
I store both TV shows and films in my favorite folder “Movies” but where they end up in the list doesn’t make sense.
For example. I have four Jurassic Park movies in one folder. When sorted after both Title and File name, the end up at the very top. Followed by the folders with the Sherlock movies and then the folder with the TV show Sherlock. After them comes the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
After that all movies are sorted properly, regardless of them being stored in folders or not.
But then, after Zodiac, Hell on Wheels and The Sopranos is located.
Why is this happening?

Why aren’t the files sorted alphabetically?
Can I do something to prevent this?

Originally Infuse had only a basic ability to browse folders, no library, no grouping - so things were grouped by type and then sorted alphabetically.

The order is/was

TV Shows

The thought was it made sense to have sections, so you could easily jump to TV shows, or movies. Now that there are other more advanced browsing options, this sorting is a bit confusing and is something we’ll be improving in an update very soon. In essence, when browsing Infuse will sort things according to name, no matter what type of item it is.