Struggling with XML or NFO metadata format

I have Infuse Pro running on my ATV4. For movies, I love it. It catalogs my entire library (mostly itunes-compatible .m4v file with a small number of .mkv’s). And the movies play flawlessly – even with 7.1 audio formats. Much better than the Synology DSVideo player.

But I struggle with TV shows. I simply don’t have enough control over the metadata to get things right. For example I have my entire Battlestar Galactica (2003) set stored as 1080p m4v files. They all index fine. But I also include the original 2-part BSG miniseries. That indexes as a movie and shows up as a collection. That’s not what I want at all. I want the specials to show up as “Season 0” episodes in the TV category. I tried using both XML examples from the Firecore site and some NFO samples I found on the web but they are all ignored by Infuse.

Can someone post an example of how to structure TV show XML or NFO files so that Infuse will use them for specfic episodes?

Hi :slight_smile:

Here is a sample XML-File (for TVShows):

The Problem is, that Infuse is currently not much flexible with custom XML-Metadata :frowning:
You can’t set an File as “Movie” or “TV-Show”, you can’t set own Season Covers etc…

Currently the only way is to make an entry online at!
And Add or modify a TV-Show…

I have created a Feature-Request for this topic (Enhanced XML/CoverArt Handling for TV-Shows):

Please vote for it here:

Rename the files as “Battlestar Galactica.2003.S00E01.[tech info].mkv” and “Battlestar Galactica.2003.S00E02.[tech info].mkv” and they will be picked up as part of the TV show.

That worked…thanks! I still want proper control of the metadata but at least this gets me past my current problem! Thanks again.