Sonys new @L5.2 format?

Sorry if this have been answered before but couldn’t find any with search.

Sony have some new high bitrate encodes that reports:
Codec…: HEVC x265 10bit Main 10@L5.2@High
Bit rate…: 70.2 Mb/s
Color primaries: BT.2020 (HDR10)

My oppo 203 and Infuse7 on ATV4K can play these but they seem to get wrong gamma or something. Colors are pushed high and a lot of black crush. Heard some other players (madvr, exoplayer beta) through htpc can play these correct.

Someone reported that another player had found these are encoded wrong being 5.0 in 5.2 container and that trip up some players.

Have your heard anything about this, would be nice if Infuse 7 could get this “fix” also.

Any chance you’d be able to upload a sample we could review here?

Sorry for late reply. Can’t really cut since I didn’t save it but you can download one yourself and try out. There are many rips out but this is the one I have tested and was too cark/crushed on ATV4K with Infuse 6/7.

(link removed)