Infuse Picture quality

Hi,sorry for my bad english…

Many users of italian forum see a difference of picture quality between the same film on itunes movie and infuse… obviously the file on infuse is 50mbs bitrate…

So the main question,infuse don’t use the native apple player? if yes,why?

Many thanks

Are these HDR videos? If so we have a number of improvements currently in progress for 5.6.8 which should resolve any issues you are seeing.

Thanks for the quick reply,only in 4k*HDR… we are waiting the new update :wink:

So infuse doesn’t use the internal apple player… if i can ask,why?

tvOS provides a number of methods for options for rendering video, and Infuse uses a variety of these in order to get the best result.

With regard to HDR, there are simply a few limitations present in the current paths used by Infuse, and we are working to integrate additional paths in order to better handle some videos and TVs.

Great… Many many thanks for your work… in my opinion infuse is the best app on ATV…

When will the hdr fixes be finished? I’m looking forward to it :slight_smile:

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