Failed test uhd hdr10 23.976fps

I did run few test on infuse atv4k and only this one failed. Top and medium line doesnt go smooth at all. But sony 65xe9005 player run it nice.
Could someone test on different TV brands please?
Is it HDR failure or fps? Other FPS test file without hdr run smooth on a4ktv

I have a Bravia 49XD8099 and it plays fine with Sony’s Video in the TV indeed. Motionflow must be set to max to eliminate the vibrations (but the left side of the top bars get some blurring(.

From the Apple TV 4K I tried with Infuse, Plex and Kodi. In both Infuse and Kodi, no matter the Motionflow settings, which doesn’t change anything, the video is choppy, with the bars in the top duplicating (a couple for each bar). With Plex it doesn’t even start. Oh, and Kodi crashed at some point, trying to skip forward.

So it does look like HDR problem. What James mentioned before with certain sony TV.
Could be good if any other tv manufacturer holder check it.

Great. So the Android Bravia TVs have yet another bug?

Because when I first clicked the link it opened in Safari on my Mac. And, although it obviously has no HDR, the image was nearly smooth, with some vibration in the middle and minor flashing on the top bars. It uses a player that looks like the one in YouTube. I downloaded it and tried to watch it with quickTime, it didn’t recognise the format.

Anyway, I did another test, first disabling HDR on the TV and then disabling the Content Match (so the ATV 4K stays in SDR). In neither I noticed any difference. I am not really sure what’s going on because the counter and times seem fine, but I doubt it has to do with the TV HDR.