Infuse HEVC 4kto1080p


At the moment i’m in position of a 4k tv :slight_smile: i only used iso,mkv(x264) in the past which was enough for my 1080p screen.

No1 like to have duplicated movie files on there system. With that in mind we properly are going to exchange all our 1080p content to 4k x265 hevc files in the near future. With TVos11 coming soon will the ATV4 be able to down sample the 4k content to 1080p on the fly?

At this very moment i tryed some 1080p x265 content which safes alot of space, ATV4 kinda struggles 2/3 times every single movie i gave him, will TVos11 solves this problem?

Thx for this great app, will support it and can’t wait when Infuse 6 - ATV5 combination with some great 4k support is finaly there.

Although iOS 11 is meant to bring h265 support it is only going to be in software for the ATV4 as it does not have a recent enough processor/GPU to do it in hardware. Whether this will be enough to make 1080p h265 support satisfactory is not yet clear. I would be very surprised if the ATV4 could handle anything of a higher resolution than that but we do not know at the moment.

If/When the ATV5 is released it will almost certainly have built-in hardware support for both 4K video and h265 but when that might be I have no idea. There have been rumours it might be later this year but until it actually happens we are just guessing.