SMB share IP change


First post, please be gentle!

I’ve just set up my ATV 4 with Infuse Pro.
I added my SMB shares with my ip yesterday.
Everything worked fine,
Today however Infuse was unable to connect to favorites.

I then realized that my SMB share now had changed to IP, that was the reason why infuse wouldn’t find it.
I had to setup my share and favorites again to make it work.

How come this? Is there something I can do to keep my SMB-share from changing IP?


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Instead of using a fixed IP, you may want to use a DNS name (E.G. My-NAS.local) as this is less prone to changing.

Alternatively, many routers allow you to set a static IP based on a devices MAC address. Doing this will allow that same device to always have the same local IP address.

Thanks for the help. My Huawei 4G modem/router doesn’t allow to set IP on specific MAC. I can only deactivate DHCP or use Static IP.
How do I set an DNS name instead of IP? Where can I change this?

Unfortunately there’s no way to change the address of a saved shared, so you would need to create a new share.

Ok, I will create new shares and hope that using DNS name instead of IP address it will work better.

Using DNS name seems to have solved my problem, no problem so far even router and computer has been restarted several time. Nice! Thanks.

Great! Thanks for following up. :slight_smile:

However there is still something strange, I need to connect several times to my favorites before infuse can successfully connect to my shares. First time it always fails to connect, after long wait. When retrying the second time is usually works, but not always. Eventually it works though.

Check to see if your device has any ‘Wake-on-LAN’ or ‘wake for network access’ options. If so, enabling them should allow the device to wake almost instantly when Infuse tries to connect.

Thanks for the input!

My shares reside on my desktop HDD, any ideas how to see/enable wake on LAN?
Desktop is connected to my router via WIFI.

This should get you going. :wink:

Windows 10