SMB server/share access unreliable

My SMB server hostname is “openmediavault” and it can be accessed through any platform very reliably but not through InFuse on the Apple TV (latest model with 128GB and tvOS 16.2). Basically it is a plain Debian server with a web interface to manage NAS specific settings. Sometimes it appears within InFuse as “openmediavault - SMB/CIFS” and completely random as “openmediavault-3.local - SMB/CIFS” and this is when out of the sudden my share doesn’t work anymore and I need to recreate the share within InFuse from scratch which requires to recreate the library including all respective meta data. My SMB server is running 24/7 and is rarely being shutdown or rebooted. Still the hostname within InFuse seems to change in a completely random way.

I think it would be more reliable if an URL like “smb://openmediavault” or an IP like “” could be set for a host within InFuse. Neither my hostname nor my IP ever changes for my server but still access from within InFuse is awfully unreliable which is not the case if I access the server from my Windows machine or from my Mac on a day to day basis.

If you’re seeing something like openmediavault-3.local in Infuse, that usually indicates the hostname of the device has changed. This happens sometimes when a device falls off the network, and then reconnects - but the router still has an IP address assigned to the main device name of openmediavault.local

This issue is not specific to Infuse, but if you find this is happening often what you can do is set a static IP for your NAS in your router’s settings, and then use the ‘Other’ option in Infuse to create a SMB share connection manually in Infuse using that IP address.

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Thank you but I am still surprised by the behaviour because the host has a fixed IP assigned to it by the router which never changes and the host is also reliably accessible through the very same IP through other means like it’s web interface and so on. I am just facing issues with it through Infuse. :frowning:

I had this exact problem before and it was as james said the router was not releasing the reservation and would increment the name with a -1, -2, -3, etc. I just assigned a static IP to the NAS and it’s been rock solid since.

As mentioned above the host has a fixed IP assigned to it since years and is always accessible by the very same IP at all times and through different means. I am just facing issues with it through Infuse on the Apple TV. I was also using the very same host with Kodi for years a never had a single issue with the very same SMB share.

The list of ‘Available Shares’ is just a list of devices Infuse sees on the network. Normally, you won’t have devices with -2, -3, -4, etc… appended to the end, but if they are there then well… :man_shrugging:

Since it sounds like you already have a static IP setup for this device, you can simply create a new share in Infuse by using the ‘Other…’ option found at the bottom of the ‘Available Shares’ list. This will allow you to enter the address manually, instead of using the pre-filled option.

Ok, I will create the share as you suggested through the “Other” option. Thank you

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