NAS share info changing in iOS but ATV is ok

No problems with AppleTV, using smb to connect a drive with films & tv serials stored in a folder-structure.

But no chance to use the infuse app with the iPad for more than one day.
The IP address is automatically converted to a share name, but the share name of the synology NAS does unintentionally change by added numbers (XXX → XXX-1 → XXX-2 and so on) and then the app doesn’t find the files any longer :frowning:

I didn’t find a chance to make the infuse app store the IP address without converting it to a share name or the synology NAS not to change the share name. Did now stop Bonjour on the synology NAS, but didn’t test it yet on the iPad.

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You can use the IP address for the NAS by selecting “Other…” under available shares and then you can enter all of the info including the IP address to create a share for your NAS. Just make sure you’ve set your NAS IP to a static address so things don’t keep chaning.

You can use the IP address for the NAS by selecting “Other…”

I did “Add SMB” with the IP address. But didn’t you understand what’s happening next?

When I go there the next day, there is no IP address left, but the name of a share. The next day after the share name does not work any longer, because the share name in the network changed - I don’t know why and how to stop. The IP address did not change. But I cannot edit the address field to replace the share name by the IP address. So I have to erase the share, with all the favorites etc., and make a new one. With the iPad spending hours of reading meta data (~9.000 files). For one day, until it stops working because of changing the share name…

To make it clear:
The share is named Harry_NAS in the Synology with (fixed!) IP address 192.168.178.XXX. I type in the IP address and do all my settings. After that, the IP address is replaced by “Harry_NAS”. The next day, the address is anything like “Harry_NAS-3.local” – and not longer working. And I’m not able to replace “Harry_NAS-3.local” by 192.168.178.XXX.

And that is exactly the problem I have… (yes, IP address is fixed).

How are you getting the share info on the iPad? Are you entering the IP and other info or are you just installing Infuse and letting iCloud populate the share info if you’re using the same Apple ID?

As long as you’re using the same Apple ID on both ATV and ipad and iCloud sync is turned on for both you may want to try deleting Infuse on the iPad, download it again and then just launch it and go first to settings and insure you have iCloud sync turned on and then go to the Library settings and watch the messages to see the status of whats going on. It should show something to the effect of “Syncing to iCloud” and while that shows, repopulate all info from shares to library without you having to manually add anything. It may take a bit but then it should have all the same share info as the ATV.

It also could be a setting in your router that is causing the name change. For some reason it’s renewing it’s connection daily. Maybe dig around the router settings to see if you can find what’s causing that.

Thanks for the support.

Unfortunately, the tip to restore the data from the cloud did not work, because it restored the numbered share name.

In the meantime it has been working for a whole week, but I can’t say exactly what the problem was.

On the one hand I turned off Bonjour in the Synology NAS.
On the other hand I changed the input of the share this time. Previously I had entered either the IP address or the name of the share, but in the latter case I neglected to append a “.local”. I did that this time.

Which of the two measures tipped the scales so that it now works, I might find out someday when I need Bonjour and enable this function again…

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