SMB access dropping

There has been an outstanding issue with Apple for many years centered around running a mac with both ethernet and wifi access where the internal OS incorrectly thinks there are actually two machines with the same hostname and therefore it automatically increments the hostname by appending a number to it ex) The-iMac-2.local. Left to itself the number keeps being incremented over time. Well if Infuse was setup with an SMB share pointed to The-iMac.local you end up with an ERROR screen and no access. I was hoping by going into advance and adding the actual mac address of my iMac that Infuse would use it instead, effectively bypassing the hostname, but that doesn’t work. A solution would be to add a direct access link to SMB shares in the advanced section by providing space to input a static iP. When populated the hostname would be ignored. It does seem kind of odd there is no way in Infuse to use a static iP to access an SMB share.

There is a kludge to Apple’s inability to address this incrementing hostname bug which is to simply turn of wifi on the machine being used to serve up the movies. This creates other problems though, for example if you want to use your watch to unlock your Mac, wifi has to be on.

Please add the ability to use a static iP address for establishing access to an SMB share!


I believe you can go to the Settings > Shares > Available Shares > Other…
and there you can create a share with the static IP as the address instead of using the textual address.

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So, in order to get this I had to create another smb share. Got it up and running. Thanks for the hint! Now to see what happens…

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Also, you’ll probably want to go ahead and enter the MAC address too along with the IP just to cover all the bases. :wink:

will do and report back

i had a similar issue, what worked for me was at first establishing the connection using wifi for both devices and after that i plugged in the ethernet cable to my ATV for a more reliable connection

Everything seems to be sorted now. Have not had a recurrence. Appears creating an SMB share with a static ip as the address was the key.


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