Simplify the initial menu in V2.0... the wife test.

I recently updated to version 2.0 and started playing around with the Library and Search features. They’re great features, buuuuuut they didn’t pass the wife test. After I updated I came home to find my wife yelling at the Library feature… something along the lines of “[expletive] it! it has to many [expletive] menu options.” After my laughing fit… I came to a conclusion, perhaps she was right the newer menu system is a little overboard for our particular needs.

I’d like to put forth that while the Library and Search features are fantastic certain video library sizes, such as mine, don’t warrant super fancy searches. You can pretty much scan through my library of about 200 movies with ease, especially in grid view. If there was a way to simply hide the additional menu items of both “search” and “library” from the dropdown menu you could give those us with smaller media libraries a simple solution while still aiding those with larger libraries. Plus the wife would be happy and I could go back to being drunk.

I attached a couple of wireframes… one of my original setup and one of the newer setup.


Thanks for the suggestion. The ability to hide at least the Library and Search options is currently in the works.

Sweet, that’s fantastic! Sounds like you guys are way ahead of me. Many many thanks!