Disable Library feature or re-order My Files?

I don’t use the Library feature, so I’d prefer to either remove it from the My Files screen or push it to the bottom. I’d like to have my remote shares listed first, followed by Search, so I don’t have to scroll down so much.

We’re working on an option for hiding the Library item from the main menu, and plan to have this available in the next update.

Dear James,

are there any news for the disabling/hiding function?

Since the last update now library even is on the first “tabbed” position (top browsing row) instead of “My Files” and in My files I´ve now “Favorites, Library and Remote”.

I really miss the old appearance (appr. one year ago) where when hitting the Media Button on the Startscreen it lead me directly to my Storage selection, with no fancy additional other features.
Is there any chance to get this back anytime soon? I know X-Mas is over but I really wish to get this back :wink:



The ability to hide these items was actually included in the 2.1 update.

To do this, navigate to the Media > My Files menu. Highlight the Library or Search item listed under Favorites. Hold the center (select) button and choose the ‘Remove Favorite’ option. 

Voilà. :)

Can we hide the Library and Search links listed under My Files?

I hope this is the right place to give a little feedback as to why I don’t use the Library feature. I appreciate how much work you guys have put into it, and I want to use it, but it just doesn’t quite fit my needs.

The Library doesn’t update frequently enough to be useable. I typically add shows/movies within hours or even minutes of watching them. Also, I like to keep my own organizational structure — I have a ‘travel’ folder full of travel-related shows, for example, but the library splits them up into various series (No Reservation, Bizarre Foods, etc) making them difficult to find, if I can even remember what shows I put in there.

If I’m the only one who feels this way then feel free to ignore this (really). But like I said, I really want to use the Library, and I think I could if it scanned for changes more frequently. I’d even appreciate the option to specify one ‘hot’ folder that it should scan more regularly than the others — this would be the default folder that content arrives it (from BT, etc) before I manually organize it myself.

Is there a way to add my network shares to my Favorites?

Unfortunately the Library and Search items listed under My Files can’t be hidden, but you can setup Favorites so you would theoretically never need to visit the My Files menu.

A Favorite can be any folder on a share, but not the actual share itself.


Thanks for your swift reply, very appreciated.

I somehow even managed to get rid of the Library and Search tab in the top row.

But I´ve to agree with cpatik, I see no personal use for the library function due to the reason that all my TV shows are organized on my NAS and even if I would use library, it will not recognize them as TV Shows but as over 700 films?! which make it obsolete to use it at all. :frowning:

Hiding it for those who does´nt need an “inteligent auto organizer” would still be a great thing.

Thanks & keep up the stonishing work on ATV flash


I found a workaround that might also help you, Renke. Instead of adding my ‘TV’ and ‘Movies’ network shares under Manage Shares in the Settings tab, I added the NAS itself. Then, from the My Files tab, I browsed to the NAS, selected the ‘TV’ and ‘Movies’ folders and did a longpress on each one to add them to my favorites. Now along the top of my screen it has tabs for TV and Movies, and I can ignore the My Files tab altogether. This is actually a sleeker setup than I had before 2.1.

Did the same thing! thanks to James hint.

not perfect but working :wink:


Thanks to both of you.