Simple Menu - Wife Friendly

First I need to say I am a long time fan of what you do, you definitely make the Apple TV better.  But I am hoping there is some way to make the Apple TV wife friendly. Right now under Apple TV - Gen 2 Black, you have the movies and TV shows as two seperate categories that just shows options you can buy.  Then you have your new media player or the computer content you hook up from itunes.  Is there a way to create a menu for movies that can merge My Movies into the same content apple provides for buying movies and merge My TV shows into the same content for buying TV shows, etc.  Right now you have to click at least 5 to 6 folders just to get to see a movie or TV show.  As i add menus my wife says this is too difficult to use.  Any ideas on how to merge all this?  Any way to create a program so you can say what you want to see where based on what is installed on the apple tv.  So based on the overflow concept but instead of hide or move to maintenance, show move to this folder so you can type the media player movies menu item and put it under the apple tv movies main menu item.

You cannot do what you want directly in anyway that I have heard off…

However you can save a lot of navigation within Media Player by using its Favourites feature.    You can navigate down via My Files to a folder on a share and then select it and holding down the OK button on the remote to get the menu for setting the folder up as a favourite.   When you have set up a favourite in this way it appears as a top level item within the Media Player menu.   I for instance have favourites of MOVIES, TV SHOWS, MUSIC and PHOTOS.