Series link missing from certain screens in Infuse

How am I supposed to get between seasons on this screen? I’ve watched all the current episodes, I have season 4 but Infuse no longer offers me season choice. I have to back all the way out to the main screen, then drill all the way back down to the next series. It never used to be like this, but multiple time over the past few months I’ve found my self stuck at the end of a series with no easy way to get to the next series/episode. If I drill down via TV links I then get the series links below the art work, but they are missing on this screen.


Apparently it’s being worked on and has been brought up in many topics.

Notice that this was “in progress” over 12 months ago and now it’s fallen back to only being “planned.”


Oy! How hard could this possibly be?

I shudder to think how cobbled together the Infuse code must be if simple editions of already extant features like this can’t be duplicated on otherwise identical details pages — simply because they are accessed from a different point of entry. :man_facepalming:t2:

  • I volunteer once again to jump in and clean up the UI (and if necessary, database) code (no interest in touching networking or playback) — I’ve got more than enough time … but I will need someone to loan me a Mac. :grimacing:
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I really do sometimes get the feeling that this is a one-man outfit.

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It certainly feels that way — in which case @james is doing a heck of a job and I can’t fathom the hours he must put in. Yet it certainly feels like Firecore could benefit from more help.

I like Infuse enough I’d work on cleaning up the UI and database structure (if it needs it) for free … and if Firecore likes what they see after, they could choose to pay me or not. I’d be motivated enough by simply having a better piece of software to use.

Firecore would also benefit because I’d then be too busy to keep posting here 24/7. :laughing:


Maybe it’s really closer to a 2 or three man team! :wink:

I must admit that they seem to be in real need of help. When they say that making a solution for their ATV Database storage issue, they literally said that they did not have the ability to put resources into it. For such a fundamental flaw, that tells me a few things…

It’s good of you to offer assistance, there are many bugs and quirks all around the database/metadata/IMDB API passthrough that really could use some examination. Some of these quirks have been present for 4 years or more. Nothing showstopping, but very frustrating when your trying to correct metadata information, or searching in general. Sometimes if you see a series or single episode in the Other folder, you know it’s either going to be a 10 second job, or an hour long quest trying to fool Infuse into finding what your searching for, which usually ends up in manually renaming the file.

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Plex just made 20% of their staff redundant. At least one of those was a dev for Apple devices. :grinning: