TV shows are missing episodes on first opening

I’m running Infuse Pro 7.0.9 (3759) on an Apple TV 4 (non 4k), the library is located on a Plex Server (version, everything ethernet connected. I’ve used Infuse and this setup for almost two years and this issue started to occur about week ago.

My normal user behavior with the Infuse app is that I open Infuse, at the top of the home screen I have the “continue watching” lists and I’ll select one of the TV shows I’m currently watching to go directly to the current season/episode I’m on.

Since roughly a week back when I do this, the episode list in the season that is opened is incomplete. About half of the episodes are missing, and it appear to be random which ones are missing. In a 12 episode season, sometimes it’s the first 5-6 episode that are missing, sometimes it’s episode 1,2,5,7,9 or something other random. Sometimes the episode that I’m on or have started to watch is missing, and then Plex select the wrong episode to continue from since the correct episode is missing.

If I go back to the home screen and select the TV Show again from the “continue watching” list all episodes are listed.

As mentioned this is a new behavior and it’s been working without this issue for almost two years. Is this an Infuse issue or a Plex issue? I only use Plex directly when I watch from my phone which is rarely, but the little I’ve used it haven’t noticed this issue in Plex, only with Infuse on the Apple TV.

Are you using the latest version of Plex or an older version?

Are the correct episodes listed in the On Deck section (this is available in Infuse’s library).

You can try updating to today’s 7.0.10 release to see if that changes anything.