Link to TV series as wholes, not seasons (in collections, up next, etc.)

I like to organize my TV shows into various collections that I put on my home screen on my Apple TV.

But I’ve been realizing that sometimes Infuse adds the entire TV show to the collection, but sometimes it only adds a single season – so if I have all 4 seasons of TV show X, and I navigate to it in my collection, it shows only season 3 with no way to navigate to the other seasons.

The same problem exists in Up Next, where if I’m watching season 2, I click into the show, and it only allows me to navigate season 2 – you’d think Infuse didn’t even know the show had other seasons! (This also leads to the problem where once I finish the last episode of a season, the show disappears from Up Next, which is strange because the most likely thing I want to watch next is the first episode of the next season!)

I realize that that specific topic is already covered in “Season selector for Up Next List items” (topic 37990 – I’m not linking because I’ve been asked specifically not to link to other topics from a new topic). But my issue is a broader problem than just Up Next, so please do not merge this issue with that one.

The larger issue is around the existence of treating television seasons as separate objects in collections at all. I’ve discovered that if I’m browsing TV shows and choose “Add to collection”, it adds the whole show to a collection. But if I’m on the main screen for a show and happen to be looking at season 3, which I click “Add to collection” on my Apple TV, it only adds season 3. It doesn’t add the whole show.

I can’t think of any circumstance where I’d ever want to save only a single season to a collection, rather than saving the whole show.

So this is a feature request for all collections, including but not limited to “Up Next”, to always navigate to a TV show in its entirety. If I have 4 seasons of a TV show, there is no circumstance where preventing me from navigating to all of its seasons is a feature.

I hope this is clear – I’m happy to answer questions or clarify. And I can totally imagine that the ability to link to individual seasons rather than entire shows was probably imagined as a feature. But in actual use, it’s turning out to be a bug that forces me to find alternative ways of navigating to shows just to access other seasons, and it’s turned into a major UX impediment the more I use Infuse.


I think this is pretty much the same thing or at least similar.
It’s marked as planned to be added in the future but sadly seems to be constantly pushed back.

I can understand what you are looking for, but having the ability to add specific seasons or even single episodes to a collection is actually a nice feature.

For example, you may have all 5 seasons of Arrested Development in your library, but you only want to add seasons 1-3 to your ‘Favorite Shows’ collection.

Of course you can choose add the entire series (instead of a single season) to a collection which I believe would allow you to achieve what you are after.

The linking of seasons in Up Next is different, and this is something we plan to integrate in a future update.

Thanks so much for the explanation James – I appreciate hearing how this is useful for others – and glad to hear the Up Next is coming.

Could I then suggest a small interface change then, with regard to collections? Right now, on my Apple TV, when I’m on the screen for a TV show, and I choose to add it to a collection, it only adds the selected season (and shows no indication that it’s only the season I’m adding, rather than the whole show).

Could you perhaps instead present a choice between:

  • Add show to collection
  • Add season (n) to collection (for whatever the currently selected season is)

Usually when I want to add or remove a TV show from a collection, I’m doing it from the screen for the show.

This way existing functionality is preserved, but people like me won’t accidentally be adding seasons to their collections, when they mean to be adding shows.

Thanks again!