Season selector for Up Next List items

Thanks a lot for this! :star:
I don’t want to complain or anything, but just a thought; shouldn’t all seasons also be available from within an item/episode at the ‘continue watching’ area at the top?
I could understand the logic of not having it, but in cases where Infuse is not in sync with Plex, the current episode displayed here might be the wrong one.
This means that one has to go back and navigate somewhere else in order to go to a different season.


This is in progress, but wasn’t ready in time for 7.4.


That’s great. Thank you :blush:

It’s subtle, but I noticed that when selecting a TV show from the Up Next list, that only the current season number will be displayed above the episode list. On the MacOS app there should a dropdown selector for choosing another season, while on the Apple TV there should just be all seasons listed on the same row. If I navigate to that show from another place, that same show will list all the seasons and provide the ability to choose between them.

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So, an episode of a favourite show is in Home because I’m watching it; I click into the summary view and the view includes the show name (top left) and the season and episode near the Resume button. When I’m watching on Mac, it would be so useful for me to be able to navigate to the show or season using links in this view! (The season would be useful because then the breadcrumb trail would lead back to the show instead of Home if I’m moving between seasons.)

At the very least, enabling the show art as a link to the show itself in Infuse would be a great help!

Thanks, and fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

When you open a show from the AppleTV home screen or from the Watching list the season list is missing. The season list only shows up when you select a show from Recently Added or via the Library.


When I navigate through “Watching” list, I don’t see the seasons selector. If it’s by design then I guess this should be moved to suggestions. its confusing to see all episodes but not the seasons tab.

Moved your post to a currently running thread requesting this feature.

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Note also this thread is tagged “planned” so you may want to follow this thread also.

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Yes, please! It is confusing right now.

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When you click on a show from the “Resume Watching” section, it should open up a page the same way as selecting the show from “TV Shows” page. Because currently it’ll only open that season, I"d like it to be able to jump around to next season on the show.

(I hope this makes sense)


Please make sure auto play continues from the end of one season to the next season.

Currently I have to go hunt for it as it not only stops, but also goes away in the deck.


So, this is expected

Are you kidding me???

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I gotta admit. It’s just totally bizarre.

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Its listed as pending for 7.5.x

I may be wrong again but I’m sure that in particular the Alphabetical jump was first pending in at least 7.4 (if not earlier) and is still pending now.


I don’t think you are; but I’m holding out hope Firecore’s gonna deliver this time. All that 7.5.x stuff is going to make this app so awesome … how could they not be busting their butts striving to bring it to us? :slightly_smiling_face:

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After years of Plex I guess I have become more cynical. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I’m an incurable cynic by nature, but I’m trying really, really hard this time to positive-think these updates into existence. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @james, I get that the team probably has alot to do, but I’m struggeling to see how this core feature is not prioritized.
Every time I check, this has moved further and further down the priority list.
It’s become such an annoyance that I find myself not wanting to watch shows with Infuse.

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Well, it was, until everyone started reporting files that didn’t play back correctly.

It’s still listed as one of their highest priority feature updates to come out maybe in 7.6.1 — but unfortunately (frustratingly) those did slip back from the originally announced 7.5.5 May release and the next planned 7.5.6 June release (and, it now seems, all remaining 7.5 releases and the first 7.6 release :sob:)

I really really wish they’d just let obscure broken files stay broken for a week so they can focus instead exclusively on updating and fixing the app itself (instead of the video and audio decoding modules).

But they don’t ever seem willing to do that.