TV Series (Continue Watching Jump to Different Season?)

Hello, guys I have been loving infuse for the last few months!

One of the huge things I think infuse is missing.

When clicking on an episode (from the continuing) tab I’m not able to choose another season from that menu.

For me to choose another season it requires me to go through the process of main menu > TV shows > scroll all the down to the specific series (which sometimes takes awhile) then choose another season.

I’m used to the native PLEX app (I have my PLEX share tied into infuse) where I can click continue watching (so I can quickly jump to a specific show after opening the app) then the PLEX app will automatically land on the currently watched episode but I’m still free to move about to a different season from the same menu before choosing to play something.

I like this feature due to sometimes I like to jump between episodes on certain series at specific times and depending on how I’m feeling.

Can something similar to this be added to infuse?

Or if it already exists how to enable?

Thanks very much for this awesome app !

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