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I just decided to also index my TV series within Infuse and thus sorted my series into folders like this:

Series 1/S01E01 - episode name.mkv
Series 1/S01E02 - episode name.mkv

Series 1/S02E01 - episode name.mkv

Series 2/S01E01 - episode name.mkv

Now I added in a new series and scanned for library changes, and what Infuse now did is quite confusing, because it threw the newly added series (Hunter x Hunter 2011) into the same structure as a previously added series (Hotel Zuhause - bitte stören). Now either Hotel Zuhause - bitte stören is included in Hunter x Hunter 2011, resulting in having Episode 1 to 4 twice in my episode listing, or Hotel Zuhause - Bitte stören now has 2 seasons which are much too long, Season one of Hotel Zuhause bitte stören just having 4 episodes at all.
Even when not using the library but the Files Tab, I don’t see the folders when checking the directory the series are in, but only the series Infuse scanned and indexed. I’m unable to separate both series from another. What can I do here?
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It is best to prefix the show name onto the filename otherwise Infuse will think you have two of the same show, regardless of what folder they are in
Show Name / Season 1 / Show Name S01E01 Episode Name.mkv
Show Name / Season 1 / Show Name S01E02 Episode Name.mkv

Show Name / Season 2 / Show Name S02E01 Episode Name.mkv

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spot1701 is “spot” on. You’ll get far better results if you add the show name to the file name. Infuse automatically flattens folders which hold a single file so it’s possible if you have two shows and both only have a single episode in the same season it could get confused. You can put the episode name “after” the S01E01 and it won’t interfer with the metadata fetching

The other big reason is if you ever have to do a search on the servers file system it’s easier to find a specific show/episode when the file name has both.

Hunter X > Season 1 > Hunter X S01E01 episode name.ext

Also, you can simply add an intermediate folder for each season, which would allow you to avoid renaming a bunch of files.

Something like this should work.

Hunter X > Season 1 > S01E01 episode name.ext
Hunter X > Season 2 > S02E01 episode name.ext

A complete list of all the recommended naming styles can be found here.

Thanks, the tip with the season folders did work. I don’t feel like adding the series’ name to the front of each file, it would just double the information and mean much work. It works for now :).

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