Organizing shows and folders


I have a anime show, One Piece, which is organised like:
Folder ‘Series’
– Folder ‘One Piece’
---- ‘One_Piece.S21E32.mp4’

Today, I wanted to try one of the suggested method in the Metadata 101 guide, for my recent new episode 33.

Folder ‘Series’
– Folder ‘One Piece’
---- Folder ‘Season 21’
------ ‘33.mp4’

But unfortunately, this ended in considering this new file as a movie named " The 33 " lol.

Did I misunderstood something?

Thank you very much.

You were close! LOL

What I’ve found to work the best so far is like this…

Folder ‘Series’
– Folder ‘One Piece’
---- Folder ‘Season 21’
------ ‘One Piece S21E33.mp4’

Infuse still works best when it can see both the season and episode number in the file name for TV shows. When it saw just the number “33” it went looking for a movie and found one close to that name.

your original file name was probably fine, you could have just divided them up into season folders.

Man do you sleep sometimes? Haha you are like the fastest answering man on earth everytime :smiley:

Ok noted, my original naming was ok for me anyway, I just tried that because, according to the guide, infuse should understand the folder’s names ( show title, season XX ).

But it seems that it’s not really the case ( so why is it in the guide then :confused: )

Sleep is over rated. LOL I just try to help out the folks at FireCore so they can focus more on developing new goodies instead of worrying about forum questions that I can help with. With the current world situation I seem to have a bit more screen time than usual also. :wink:

I’m guessing that in the past there may have been some cases where this was the style some users may have been using and would work but it’s always been recommended to use the primary naming conviction as that “just works” a majority of the time. The format with only the episode number as the file name may be a style that is no longer valid but I don’t know for sure.

Ok fine, thank you !

This naming doesn’t work on my ATV4k :frowning:
I must rename all my TVshows from abc.S01E01 to abc.S01.E01

Weird, all my shows ( anime + regular shows ) are like ‘Show_Name.SXXEXX.mkv’
And I have no issue, if it is not this one randomly fixed:

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now it’s to late O:-)
I renamed all my tv shows ^^

You probably didn’t need to rename any of them. If you had done an Edit Metadata on one it’d most likely have found the right series. Did you let it complete it’s scan before renaming files? Sometimes on a new install it takes a while to get all of the new metadata.

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