Series vs Season

For many years now the Infuse library browser on my appletv/ipad has not been able to present a good portion of my shows properly. I finally realised what the problem is. Infuse does not understand the folder name “Series”. In Brittish TV, we call them “series” not “seasons”. Infuse apparently doesn’t understand that word.

So if I have a folder structure like this:

My Show\Season 1\S01E01.mkv
My Show\Season 1\S01E02.mkv
My Show\Season 2\S02E01.mkv
My Show\Season 2\S02E02.mkv

The library browser works with artwork and everything. But Infuse doesn’t understand this:

My Show\Series 1\S01E01.mkv
My Show\Series 1\S01E02.mkv
My Show\Series 2\S02E01.mkv
My Show\Series 2\S02E02.mkv

With that we just get generic folder icons.

What version number of Infuse are you using?

If you browse these shows through the library (instead of via folders) you should be able to get the correct artwork at all levels.