Series Art Missing for Shows with Multiple Seasons

So I currently have my entire library stored in Google Drive, and when I access my Google Drive TV Folder, TV series in my library with multiple seasons show a Folder with no art, but when I click into them each season has artwork. I’ve searched the forum and my library is formatted as “Show>Season #>Show S0xE0X.mkv”. This only is an issue in the standalone Google Drive folder, if I go to the unified Library infuse has artwork for the same shows. I rarely use this view because I need to refresh my library to see new content I’ve added, and I don’t want to refresh my entire Movie and TV library to access new shows. I’m posting a screen recording on my iPhone, because it’s easier, but I’m more concerned about my Apple TVs.

Are you referring to the Series folder or the season folders inside the series folder that doesn’t have artwork?

The series folder has no artwork, the seasons do have artwork.

Have you let it finish a full scan?

Of course, and I can go into a series down to the episode level and back up to the main list of shows and the album art does not appear.

How are your series folders named? Could you provide an example?
Sometimes that will throw the series art off.

And meant to ask if you’re updated to 5.9?

Like I said in my original post

Show>Season #>Show S0xE0X.mkv

This seems to be a bug with infuse, I’m able to get proper series album art in the library view. I know my folder structure is correct, I have also posted a video url which answers most of the questions you’re asking.

Okay, well without an example of exactly how one of the series folders that isn’t working is named I’m not sure what to tell you.

Also, you didn’t say if you were running 5.9. There were a lot of improvements made to this release.

Maybe someone who it also experiencing the same issues will chime in with some help.

I had a similar issue with no series artwork for non-Library based views for a handful of TV shows. Viewing through the Library was 100% spot on. I found that the problem corrected itself when the show folder name was an exact match to the TVDB entry. I had small variations such as a release year or country of origin suffixed at the end of the show folder name that seemed to cause Infuse to not pick up the series art. Season and episode art was all fine as this seemed to be drawn from the actual media file names.
Anyway, worth a shot for one or two of your series that aren’t showing up.

I don’t believe we’re able to display poster artwork for series with season folders inside when streaming from Google Drive. This is a limitation with some of the APIs offered by Google Drive, and attempting to work around these resulted in browsing being very, very slow.

In general, using the Library will be a much faster and more consistent way to browse, but I understand this may not be preferred in all cases.

Streaming from inside Google Drive is preferred because not only is it faster for me to refresh just TV or Movies instead of both (my library is 9 TB), but often when I go straight into my unified library and try to play content that’s stored in Google Drive, it fails to start. I believe Google Drive does not keep the addresses static, so I need to refresh my Google Drive content, then go into the Library for my library content to be accurate and playable. The work to get series images loaded for Google Drive folders seems to be rather trivial looking at these APIs myself, I think this is missing because it’s an oversight from the infuse team.

I experience the same problem with a few shows in folder view only. I use the exact same name of the folder as the TVDB entry, for example “The Big Bang Theory” or “Westworld” but still have no art. I use version 5.9 and am out of options to try. Any ideas are welcome.

I had no Season X folders under the show folder. That was the problem! Maybe my lack of reading instructions was the real problem? :slight_smile:
Only one show has still a problem and it is “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” since the folder cannot end with a “.” character. I guess that is the problem for that one.

Try “The Man From UNCLE” without any spaces between the letters of uncle. :wink:

Sorry to resurrect an old thread but is there any way to manually add artwork for the series collection? My Seinfeld collection is all properly labelled and the seasons have artwork but there’s nothing for the collection itself. Only problem in my library. ?

Plenty available too, not sure why none are being chosen.

Have you tried putting a folder.jpg file at the top level of the Series folder? That has always worked for me.

No go for me. We’re talking about the Series itself, not the Season correct? Still getting a blank icon with the folder when browsing on my AppleTV.

My structure is like this:
TV Shows > Seinfeld > Season 1 > Episode 1 - XX.mp4 - These all work fine, artwork, metadata, everything is perfect.

For the artwork I added files at the root for the Series for both Seinfeld and Dexter (the two I have problems with)
TV Shows > Seinfeld > folder.jpg

Is there specific size needed, or filetype, maybe its case sensitive? I even have Embedded Metadata enabled.

One thing, you’re going to want turn off Embedded Metadata. That may be part of your issues.

EDIT TO ADD: Are these files on Google Drive or on a local network?

For the Series/Show artwork have you tried calling the artwork ‘poster.jpg’?

Also might be worth reloading the metadata for the TV show (do it over a season folder - not the series/show folder) and it will force load the new artwork…

It’s a little annoying that I have to find a series image for every show, I have something like 3000+ episodes of TV in my Google Drive and only the Google Drive folder view has this issue, when I view my unified library all series have series art. It appears that this particular case the client is not fetching series art, and manually adding artwork is not a sustainable solution.