Missing artwork on some folders

I seem to be missing some of the thumbnail artwork on my TV series.

For example The Following or House of Cards, when I click into the folder where all the episodes are kept, I see all the artwork in the correct seasons and all displayed correctly. However, in the folder previous to this where i can see all my series both The Following and House of Cards still display as a folders rather the the cover art for that series.

Hope that makes sense, suggestions are very much welcome :slight_smile:


Having the same issue! Only with a few series though.

How are you tv episodes being organized?

Currently, Infuse will display artwork for the series folder when the episodes are organized into folders, by season.


Series/Season 1/episode name
Series/Season 2/episode name

This resolved itself after restarting my phone.

I tried to cache my entire TV library from my NAS - there was a lot of stuff in there and it was missing the artwork for 7 or 8 seasons of a selection of shows. But yeah, seems fine now.


Yeah. I’m having this problem as well.

The artwork/meta data is fine within the main Folder (for a particular show), but in the Library the stock thumbnail picture for that series remains.

WimbledonEd clearly had a different issue as this problem is consistently there when you launch Infuse.

Sometimes the problem is caused by there being a ‘Subtitles’ subfolder within one of the seasons folders and by removing the ‘Subs’ folder it’ll allow the metadata to sort itself out, which then in turn allows the correct artwork to be displayed in the Library. This particular problem means that there’s a good chance Foreign language shows won’t display any artwork in the main library because you need those ‘Subtitle’ folders to remain.

The majority of shows work just fine with the right sorting, but it’s just a little annoying having those few that don’t make your Library feel a little incomplete.

Any solutions would be welcome.