Cover artwork TV Shows fail!


I just bought an Apple TV 4K and I installed Infuse Pro. I added a library that I had in my computer and I could synchronize it without problems.

In Infuse main screen, in the library section, I see all the content without problems, both movies and TV shows. In the TV shows section, I see all the shows and its seasons with all the correct metadata.

The problem comes when I create a folder with TV shows with more than one season. If I add a TV show with several seasons, a folder is created but without the TV show image on it. Once I go into the folder, I can see the season of the TV Show, and in this case with the correct metadata.

If the TV Show only has one season I don’t have that problem, because it recognizes the metadata correctly.

Is there any way to add a folder image for TV Shows folder with more than one season?

I attach the image to show the problem.


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If you prefer to browse via folders instead of through the Library, then yes you can add your own artwork for your folders. More info on the options for doing this can be found here.

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