TV Show Folder Art Issue

Hi, I’m having an issue with the TV Show folder art not displaying properly on some TV shows I’ve uploaded.

When I click on my main TV Shows favourite folder from the home screen it just has a folder icon. Curiously, the TV shows that have only 1 season display fine. It’s only TV shows with multiple seasons that do not appear correctly.

When I click inside the folder the multiple seasons have their correct artwork and metadata for all the shows. But the main TV Show just has a folder icon.

Also, when I view TV Shows in Library mode, only the TV shows with 1 season appear. Multiple season shows do not appear at all.

Can anyone offer any help?

My set up is using Infuse Pro on iPhone iOS (11.0) to Apple TV.

My folder structure is as follows:

TV Shows/True Detective/Season 1*/True Detective s01e01.mkv

*There is also a Season 2 folder in there too.


Does the series artwork appears as expected while browsing using the Library? Infuse has limited support for auto-folder artwork outside of the Library, but in some cases you may need to add your own image to the folder (use folder.jpg).

You can also use your own artwork to override other TV show artwork, and a bit more info on the options can be found here.

Hi James,

Yes the artwork displays perfectly within the Library area. Its just within the files section that it does not seem to want to load. I do have folder.jpg images in the folders but it is still not loading, per the image I uploaded. In the image you can see a few that have loaded using the same folder.jpg image naming I used for those as well. (Hope that makes sense)