Question regarding extras and Infuse

I have seen the post and looked at the following instructions given by James:

We’ve submitted 6.1.1 to Apple, which includes filtering for extras and other non-movie/show items.

  1. Support Kodi’s ‘.nomedia’ file. If present in a folder, Infuse would not index videos in that folder.
  2. Ignore folders named ‘extras’ as documented by Kodi. Add-on:Extras - Official Kodi Wiki
  3. Ignore files and folders that follow Plex’s naming schemes. Local Media Assets - Movies | Plex Support

Neither one of those suggestions are working on my end. I have changed a bunch of movie extra folders to just “Extras” and Infuse is not excluding them from the library. Can someone give me an example how they are labeling their folders that contain extras, behind the scenes, deleted scenes, etc?