Featurettes folder for TV Shows

Hi all,
Running current Infuse Pro (6.4.9) and just added a TV Show that has a number of extra videos (Behind the scenes, bloopers, etc). It seems that Infuse does not honour the “ignore folder” feature that is in place for movies. Has anyone else experienced this and is there a way around it?

I’ve been fumbling with this for a while even for movies, have you tried naming the folder “Extras” and putting that in the tv shows folder?

EDIT: Never mind, just tried that and it doesn’t work. :thinking:

I’m still trying to figure out how to have the library and metadata fetching ignore a folder but still be able to browse that folder in Infuse and play the files. :man_shrugging:t2:

Thanks for trying Bullseye. Anyone else?
I think the only solution is to delete the files which would be a pretty crappy way to manage your collection. Although for me it is just one show from many that has a Featurettes/Extras folder.

Yeah it bugged me as well. I solved it by creating an empty txt file then renamed it to “.nomedia”.

Put the file in featurettes Or extra folders.

This seemed to get it to work.

Was this on a Mac or PC? I’ve tried a few times on Mac and it doesn’t like the period in the name.

Second question, can you still browse that folder in Infuse and it just doesn’t add the folder to the Library or fetch metadata? That would be my ideal solution.

I’m on Mac as well and I had trouble with it as well but after googling I found a way. You can create files that begin with a “.” if you can view hidden files.

Enter the following commands to show hidden files:

defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles -bool YES
killall Finder

When you’re done enter these commands to hide them again:

defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles -bool NO
killall Finder

And yes you can still browse the folders. It’s just that library function will ignore folders containing the “.nomedia” file.

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OK, I’ve added a .nomedia text file to the Featurettes folder but the media files are still picked up in the Library. I will Clear All Metadata and report back.

BTW, on MacOS in Finder press ++. –command + shift + dot– to toggle hidden files visibility, as any filename starting with a dot is considered a system file

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If your featurettes folder have subfolders. I’ve experienced that putting the .nomedia file in each subfolders is required.

Yeah I forgot about the keyboard shortcut! Been w while since I need to use the shortcut.

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Ditto here. Guess us mac users don’t get to play with the Extras Folders. :clown_face:

This has been frustrating me for ages as well. Hope it gets worked on soon, it’s so essential for ripping a Blu-Ray collection.

OK. My metadata reload is complete. I can confirm that I have sub-folders under the Featurettes folder. Both the Featurettes folder and sub-folders have a .nomedia file in each one.
It makes no difference whatsoever, as the content gets loaded by the Library. A couple get matched as movies, the majority sit in Other.
I am assuming it is just TV shows that do not honour the .nomedia file. Disappointing

I tried the nomedia file in both a movie folder as well as in a TV show and neither were ignored.

Remember, a share doesn’t care if it’s a movie or tv episode when you place it in a favorite, it will still search each one on it’s own merits so it should work for both. The library is the only place it shouldn’t get scanned.

I’m a little confused @NC_Bullseye. Are you saying you got the .nomedia functionality to work? 'Cos your prior post in this thread seemed to indicate that you did not.

Did not work.

I was just adding that Infuse doesn’t know if the extras are for TV or Movies so it should react the same regardless of what the extras are for.