How to exclude/ignore certain files and folders?

Things I’d like excluded includes featurettes or home videos. They make the library really messy. I’ve tried creating a .nomedia file in certain folders but the files inside still gets indexed.

Have you gone through the users guide here under the section " Excluding folders and extras"

I believe you can simply remove them from the Infuse folder located in the movie section of your Mac

I have been trying to use .nomedia to exclude certain folders from being indexed for months without success. Do you have any luck to make it work?

I’m not familiar with the hoops that are needed to create a .nomedia file to put in a folder so I didn’t try that but I believe that if you change the name of a folder to “extras” it’s contents should be excluded from the library.

I don’t use the Infuse folder at all. I add external drives to my library. Most of the drive contains movies and shows but it also contains home videos.

No luck for me. I’m guessing simply creating an empty file named .nomedia is not sufficient. Have you figured out a proper way to do it?