Ignore "Featurettes" sub-folder until Infuse adds Movie Extras

It would be great if Infuse could simply ignore the content of a specific folder (say “Featurettes”) within each existing movie/tv show folder to house the vast amount of “Extras” content many of us have accumulated and not have to take additional steps to move or hide this content from Infuse. I know Infuse is working on adding “Extras” in the future (hopefully both with and without Plex) but it would be great in the meantime to have at least one folder whose name would universally be ignored. Having to move and keep track of all my extra content for every movie and tv show is a lot of work as is manually adding and hiding each folder from within Infuse.

That being said, thanks to again to everyone working so hard on this product! It’s become our family’s main media consuming app on all our devices!

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