Problem with “Extras” folder


I have Infuse Pro 6 installed on AppleTV 4 HD, TvOS 13.4.

My files reside on samba shares, organized in separate folders, each of them with an .nfo containing all the infos about the main content.

I have no problem with the the library, I disabled both online and merged metadata and Infuse correctly read the .nfos and populate the library with my content.

The problem is that I have a few folders named “Extras”, located inside the folders of the pertaining movies, containing featuretteres, trailers and such.
I understood that these folders shouldn’t be indexed, and yet they are, I find all those files in the “Other” folder.
Is there an alternative way to avoid reading these folders?


Anyone has the same issue? Ideas?

Try naming the folders Featurettes instead of extras.

It worked! Thanks!

Thanks for letting us know! :slight_smile:

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