Problems with homemade videos

I have 8 episodes of a TV series that is not listed in the Movie Database. These are You Tube recordings. Unfortunately, Infuse now shows me all the episodes individually instead of grouping them. How do I get Infuse to recognize this as a series.

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Are these actual TV show episodes or a “home made” series you uploaded to youtube?

If it’s an actual series you could add it on TMDB as long as you follow their requirements.

Another option would be to lable them as movies and create your own collection with nfo files and artwork.

Hmm i tried it with tiny Media Manager but it dosent work. How can i tell Infuse that it is a homemade video like in Plex i cann tell the App Personal Media Show. Or can I do it with tinyMM


I don’t use tinyMM but you may find the instructions here.

I have a similar problem with lectures of a course I’m following (CS50, MIT license), that I’d like to manage through Infuse.
I made them into a “series” by renaming lectures with “S01Exx” names and creating the corresponding NFO files (series and “episodes”). Infuse does use the NFO files for naming videos, but handles them inconsistently:

  • in the library screen, they appear as standalone “others” videos
  • but when tapping one, the season layout is shown (thumbnails of the episodes in the right order)
  • they cannot be added into a Collection (button greyed out)
    Anybody has experienced with this?

Non-TMDB content such as this, that Infuse can’t recognize as something from TMDB, can’t be included in the Library, and thus can’t be added to Collections.

Not identified, they can be neither Movies nor TV; so they are “Other”.

If you tap one, it opens up the folder in the Files Browser highlighting the item you tapped — if they are listed in order, this is likely because your Infuse is set to sort by filenames.

The only way I’m aware of to use .nfo to build custom TV series is to edit the metadata of one of the items in each folder and identify that item as an existing item at TMDB — preferably a tv series you don’t otherwise have in your collection which includes the required number of seasons and episodes per season.

Once recognized, you can replace the surrogate series’ artwork by adding custom series and season posters, series fanart, and episode thumbnail images. And you can replace most of the surrogate series’ metadata fields — including the series’ title, episode titles, plots, and a small selection of other miscellaneous metadata tags — via the inclusion of local .nfo files.

You can delete the surrogate series’ cast and crew by not including those tags in the .nfo, or replacing them with a few such tags you add yourself (such as one for the professor, if it’s a lecture series).

Unless such support was recently added, you cannot edit TV genre tags.

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The difference between a title being identified as either a movie or TV show comes down to its filename — movies will be named as “Title (Year)” and TV episodes will be named as “Series (Year) SxxExx”.

The presence of an identifiable episode ID (“S02E11” or “2x11” to represent “Season 2, Episode 11”) indicates the content is a TV episode.

Homemade movies accompanied by fully formed .nfo files (created by hand as text files you later change the extension of, or through the use of apps including Kodi and TinyMediaManager) might be included in the library without being matched as something existing on TMDB, but I can’t recall for certain.

TV series won’t be, as I discussed above.

That’s creative thinking. Love it. Will explore. Thanks!

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