Grouping Home Video Clips

I have a series of home movies that I’d like to group together in the same way that TV shows work, so one image that when selected shows the ‘episode’ selector. Is this possible? I’ve tried naming the files xxxxxxx.S01E01.xxxxxx and so on but it isn’t grouping the files together, am I missing something?

Thanks for your help.


Anyone have any ideas?

Check out this link which list the preferred Metadata file formats and Folder organization. hope this helps.

Thanks for getting back to me. I’ve tried a few types of naming conventions but haven’t had any success. I’ve added two attachments, the first shows my file structure and the second shows how Infuse is displaying the videos. I’m trying to get them all to group together like a TV show does.

Just a thought. Have you tried removing the .xml files from within the folder?

Since infuse tries to find shows with S0xE0x in online databases I think your going to have to make complete custom XML files and artwork to get what you want.

Along with the link above look at Metadata and Cover Art – Firecore

Thanks for the replies, I tried removing the XML files but still have the same problem.
Here is an example of my XMLs:

Country Doctor Bruce Hornsby Live at Shepherd's Bush Empire 26th January 2012

I’m not sure if I need to include an episode number in the metadata to achieve this?