Use for the “other” folder

Infuse recognizes a video as a movie or tv show and sends it goes to the correct movie or tv show folder. Everything else goes to the “other” folder. This is full of music videos, documentaries, home movies, etc.
What I’m looking for is a hint of how to make use of the folder. Currently it is like a junkyard of videos.
Anyone have a suggestion of how I could make use of it and tidy things up?

Personally, I try to keep that at zero files. If it’s a movie or TV show episode I try to figure out the correct file name so Infuse will fetch the correct metadata and place it in the correct area. If it’s a home video or other video that isn’t a regular show I move the files to a different directory that isn’t scanned for the library.

For me, the “other” library is a catch the problem file bucket. :wink:


Thanks for the suggestion, I tried this and did find some issues to correct with tv show episodes which I didn’t see cause of all the video files.

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You’re welcome, if you end up with some names that stump you that should have metadata just copy and paste the file names here and we’ll see if we can get them sorted out. :wink:

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:+1:t3: Same. Anything here needs to be addressed, stat.

Great! But this is only half the battle.

If you really want to go down the rabbit hole, batch rename all your local metadata file file extensions (.jpg->.jxx, .nfo->.nxx, .xml->.whatever, etc. ) on your share … so that when you delete your library cache and allow Infuse to rebuild it, your local metadata will be ignored, and what you’ll see will be pure TMDB.

You can then slowly scan through all the new imports searching for unfamiliar poster images and movie titles and be shocked at how many were wrongly identified by TMDB because of title / release year mismatches, typos or spelling errors, or weird prioritizations in TMDB’s API that return the wrong titles even when your filenames are perfectly matched to TMDBs own database. So much :rage:.