Problems Jailbreaking ATV2

I’ve recently just picked up an Apple TV2, i just connected it to the laptop and followed this guide

Jailbreak Apple TV 4.4.4 Untethered Using Seas0nPass [How-To Tutorial] | Redmond Pie

Which seems pretty standard from looking around various guides.

My problem however is that i connect the ATV, put it into DFU mode, SeasonPass then does what it needs to and loads up Itunes and restores the file. Seasonpass then confirms that the IPSW has been loaded.

Itunes however seems to cycle between Verifying Apple TV and then moves to Restoring Apple TV. It does this around 3 times and then tells me that the restore is complete and to connect it to my TV.

I connect it to the TV, however it just flashes the light on the front and the display shows the connect to Itunes screen.

I’ve tried this twice now and its done the same thing.

Sounds like i may have jailbroken to a tethered firmware by default. So am currently looking for the 4.4.4 firmware.

However i did reconnect the ATV and did a tethered boot. It said it was successfull, however the light is on, on my ATV2. But i get no picture or sound.

Is there anything else which should be done

Well if you didn’t backup your SHSH blobs for 4.4.4 you cannot downgrade the device.

At times if the device boots to a black screen then holding Menu+Play/Pause will restart the device. But if you are on a tethered jailbreak you will need to boot it with the assistance of a computer.

Ah ok, Does Seasonpass by default use the latest version (in this instance the Tethered only 5.1) rather than the latest untethered version?

Looks like that may be what i’ve done wrong then. I’ll keep trying to redo the tethered boot and hope that it eventually works.

Yes Seas0nPass downloads the latest IPSW released if you just click Create IPSW. You can Shift+Click the Create IPSW to select one off of your local disk or right click and select a specific firmware to download.