Plex Collection sort order support

In Plex you can choose whether the sort items in a collection by release date or sort title. This is handy in collections with prequels when you prefer to have the movies sorted in chronological order (e.g. Starr Wars).

It would be good if Infuse honored the collection sort order with collections synced from Plex.


Amen. Funny thing is this works on the infuse iOS app but not on the tvOS app for some reason.

Hi there!

I am going to support this feature request. Please transfer iOS behavior to tvOS.


Btw: I didn’t notice before that iOS already shows movies by sort title within collections, so thanks for mentioning it @WAYFLIX.

In case it helps or clarifies our wish any further:

  • You can assign a “sort title” (independent from movie title itself) in PLEX for each movie


  • Within a collection you can choose the movies being sorted by a) release date or b) alphabetical

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  • Collections with alphabetical sort order will then display all included movies sorted by “sort title”


  • Changing sort order (title, date, etc.) in Infuse settings (on tvOS) didn’t change the sorting order within collections in Infuse; neither did refreshing metadata (partially and/or in full)

I am hoping that it can be done with moderate effort since this feature already (willingly or not? :smiley:) exists for the iOS app of Infuse

Thanks a lot in advance guys! Keep up the great work :slight_smile:


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I would like this feature as well :+1:

Adding support for this request.

I’ve added Plex and Jellyfin as media servers in Infuse. I use playlists from Plex and Collections from Jellyfin.

Infuse Pro on Apple TV does recognise the sorting order for collections from Jellyfin which can be set for the entire collections library as a default or customise sorting orders for individual collections.

This should be resolved in the upcoming 6.5 release. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the update @james

Great to hear! Thanks a lot @james :slight_smile:

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