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Just to let the team know that I’m now facing the same issue.
I created a couple of smart collections in Plex, one sorted by critic rating and another by audience rating.
I’d like to see them ordered in Infuse like that, but indeed they are always ordered by release date.

Hopefully this can be considered for an upcoming release?


Is the alphabetical sort order for you using the Plex ‘Title’ or the Plex ‘Sort Title’? I could not get mine to recognize ‘Sort Title’.

Sort Title

Did you change the sort order in PLEX? You have to edit the specific collection first by setting sort order to alphabetical in PLEX.

After that you should sync Infuse again.

At last, it may help to refresh the specific collection in Infuse (long-press > refresh).

Disclaimer: Only works with regular PLEX collections. Smart collections do not work as of now.

Still hope that this is sth. James is working on… :slight_smile:

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Yes I did. And it worked correctly but I noticed it sorted alphabetically by the movie title and not the custom “sort title” field in Plex. Which helps with custom ordering. Did you have success with a custom “sort title”?

Edit: Ok the sort titles worked once I refreshed the collection in Infuse.

Hi! Yes, I use “sort title” in PLEX for alphabetical ordering.

Example: Marvel Infinity Saga

Captain America > Sort Title in PLEX > “MCU - Phase 1 - 1”
Iron Man > Sort Title in PLEX > “MCU - Phase 1 - 2”

After setting alphabetical ordering on collection level (in PLEX) it works for me both, in PLEX and Infuse.

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Is there any update with this? Been “researching” for a while.

For Plex Smart Collection, use Smart Playlist for now. Had to duplicate my collections with a Smart playlist. Infuse works perfectly with it. Pinning the playlist to home with a random order works flawlessly.

I’m noticing that if you rearrange the sort order of movies within a Collection in Plex, it will not show that same sort order within Infuse connected to that same Plex server. Case in point: Star Wars Collection or Marvel CU. Movies in both collections are sorted in Plex based on timeline, but when viewed in Infuse, they are sorted by release date. It appears there was a topic about this a long time ago but nothing has moved on it.

I moved your post to this thread so we don’t end up with two threads for the same thing.

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I’ve been having this problem to!

It never used to really bother me until now. I want to have all my Star Wars and MCU films in chronological order but it’s just not viable for some reason in Infuse. Just a weird silly thing…

Just adding a “Sort by:” button would work a treat!

There’s a global “sort by” setting in the setup / general menu; offering Title, Filename, Release Date (descending only) and (file modified) Date.

Unfortunately we don’t yet have the ability to customize sort by per category (TV and Movies separately), nor by individual folders or collections (except for that custom collections can be rearranged manually — in tedious fashion but persistent once done — unless filenames or locations change).

These are definitely features I’m very much looking forward to as well — in Vanilla Infuse (no Plex required).

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How is this issue still researching. A smart collection we make in plex is being sorted incorrectly within infuse. That’s kind of a big issue.