Question about plex collections sorting

So I seen a few comments about plex collections now, and one mentioned that it used the plex Collection advanced settings for sorting (the 2 options being alphabetically or by release date). I have a bunch of collections with a mix of sort styles, but within Infuse 6.1.1 all my collections are sorted by Release Date.

How do I get infuse to use the Plex Collection setting for sorting?


Please forgive my ignorance but I don’t run plex so I’m just going off the info I read here.

If you browse the infuse library do your Plex collections appear in the Infuse Library? If so, do they follow the sort that you had set in Plex? I’m not talking about when you browse in the favorite from the Plex share, just in the “Library”.

The collections do show up in the library, but they don’t follow the set sorting I have in plex.

This is what keeps throwing me off, the first statement here from this thread View Plex collections when browsing Plex libraries

You had posted there too but the part about keeping the Plex sort order is what I’m trying to figure out.

If it keeps the plex sort order for him in the Infuse library I’m wondering if there’s a Plex setting that dictates if that order is passed on to Infuse?

Ya, that’s what confuses me too. He mentioned it worked… I have the sort order setup in Plex (within the Plex app it works fine) but can’t seem to get it in Infuse, it’s just an inconvenience. I have setup collections for optimal watch order like the MCU, X-Men, and Star Wars.

Just curious, do you have collections turned on or off in the Infuse settings?

I’ve tried it both on and off… same outcome. When off I can’t see the collections in the library but can access them from my favorites item “Collections”.

This is a topic that has been raised that you can upvote under suggestions:

This really isn’t a suggestion topic, we’re just trying to figure out if there are currently settings that we may be overlooking to get the desired results.

If you’ll notice, the person that started the thread you linked to is the same person who started this thread.