Opening bluray in folder without adding it to library fails

It is pretty easy to add a bluray folder structure to the library and playback works (without menus, but it guesses the main playlist). I would have expected the same behavior when opening such a bluray in a folder using open file. But I have not found any way to open a bluray stored in folders (BDMV etc) without adding it to the library. Using open files fails:

  • if I open the directory containing the certificate and bdmv folder ist just displays the contents
  • I cannot open the bdmv folder as it is greyed out
  • clicking on the disk.inf file or id.bdmv an error is returned
  • if I open the bdmv as a package in finder and then open bdmv and I click on index.bdmv or playlists an error is returned,
  • only clicking directly on the m2ts going first through the finder and then opening the package bdmv sort of works playing individual m2ts files from the stream folder. This is suboptimal if the disk uses seamless branches as opening the playlists would be much better.

What am I missing? How can I open a bluray stored in a folder structure (not an iso) without adding it to the library? Maybe there is some hidden “open bluray folder…” option?

If not could you please add such an option? It is really awkward going through the finder opening the package just to open a bluray in folders.