BDMV files/folders not recognized (Infuse Pro, AppleTV 4)

As far as I understand, Infuse Pro should support playing of BDMV structure (full UHD BD rip).
But for some odd reason it does not, I’m just showed a folder with underlying folder structure.

What am I doing wrong? Please help :slight_smile:

Are you trying to play a movie while setting up the share? You normally add a share to the library, let it scan that and then play the found movies from the Movies favorite.

No, the shares are set up a long time ago, just adding BDMV rip to the usual folder.
With no luck.

What type of device are you streaming from?

Are you using UPnP, DLNA, Plex, or Google Drive by chance? Unfortunately folder based videos are not supported when using these methods.

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Synology NAS. I’ll check on streaming method, thanx!

Also worth making sure that you really are on Infuse Pro – I had some issues with that when I first subscribed which were resolved by redownloading.

To check this, go to Settings and scroll to the very bottom. It should list your Infuse version along with “Pro.”

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Try with an AVCHD folder which contains the folders on the disc (bdmv, certificate, any other…)
As an example:

\The dark knight

You may/may not need to patch the bdmv (google bdmv tool).

All my 4k uhd are in that format on my Synology and all play with infuse pro :wink:

Hope it helps.

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Thanx, James, it was the streaming method - reconfigured everything through SMB, everything works now (along with a huge Medialibrary I never used before during all these years :))

Hello, I have the Infusion Pro and ATV 4K; my UHD are stored in a NAS device which I believe used DLNA to stream, the BDMV folders are not recognized by the ATV, how can change the NAS settings to stream (make visible) BDMV file structure, the NAS is Seagate Centrar 4TB. thanks!

Unfortunately DLNA will not recognize these as playable files, and as a result they will not be presented when streaming to apps like Infuse.

It looks like the Seagate Central will support connecting via SMB and NFS, and either of these can be used to play BDMV files.

hi James, thanks for the prompt response, how do I set up the Seagate Central for MSB/NFS file transfer? I searched support on the Seagate side and found no directions how to. thanks again, Julio.

It should be under the Seagate Central web page. Instructions on how to access that are here:

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