BDMV playback not working

Version 7.3.1 (7.3.3956) / Mac OS 12.1
Hi! I’m trying to watch a movie in BDMV format from folder, but it seems infuse can’t do it. I’ve checked what bdmv folder contains ‘index.bdmv’ and ‘MovieObject.bdmv’ inside and mac os properly identifies this folder as ‘AVCHD Collection’, however i can’t open it with infuse, folder is just grayed out. When i try to open it from finder with ‘open with’ infuse just adds this folder to library, not playing it. Am i doing something wrong?

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First thing, you may want to update to Infuse 7.3.2 since it was just released. Not sure if any of the bug fixes may help but at least it will eliminate one thing. :wink:

Just tried with latest version, no luck

Dragging a folder into Infuse won’t really work to begin playback.

However, if this is a local file you can simply drag it into the Movies > Infuse folder, and it will appear for you to play in the Files section.