Not recognizing films with Infuse

I don’t understand.
I have movies that are not found by metadata search.
While I see these movies in

How to change the reference site please?

Not sure I understand how this works


How are your movies named?
What’s your folder structure?

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In addition to the questions that @Hitsville asked if you can provide that info you can also read how it works here.

Currently, I do not create a subfolder

And I just take the “French” name of the site “”
But impossible to find them
Should I sort movies into folders?

OR should I modify my settings in Infuse?

Are my films marked as Adult films?
Would this be a problem?

A setting in Infuse?

Infuse does not currently download metadata or artwork for titles tagged as adult/explicit on TMDB, as this is not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines. You can add your own local metadata and artwork for titles that fall into this category.

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Ah OK.
Thank you very much for this clarification

I’m not going to recreate the actor vignettes, summaries etc…?

And we can’t ignore Apple’s guidelines ?
Is it still crazy!?

The main thing is that the film is recognized by the system.
Don’t let it go to “others”

Afterwards you have to voluntarily classify them in a collection for example

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