Can't have custom metadata fore movie not in themoviedb

I don’t understand how infuse can be this user hostile about metedata. It looks like I need to add movie data for a child’s dvd to themoviedb to get it to set up. I don’t I don’t have high resolution artwork. There is no description on the dvd. If I add it, I’m pretty sure they WILL DELETE THE ENTRY.

I have put in almost full time work to get this metadata to work in the application. Much more work that should have been appropriate. Have my own work repeatedly DELETED. WHY DO YOU HATE YOUR USERS SO MUCH.


Okay, I’m going to try upscaling the artwork I do have. I’m sure that is what the infuse team is intending for its users to do. So that they can have the gamble of if the artwork isn’t high quality enough. So metadata can be deleted. So we can spend weeks and weeks of work and have it all deleted by someone else and so we cannot actually have our library organized.

If you are trying to add local metadata for your files in infuse you can use this guide to help:

Metadata 101 – Firecore

If you are editing TMDb then infuse has no control over that. I suggest you file a ticket with them. They have specific requirements infuse does not delete this info.

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Can you provide the title in english? I’m having a problem getting it translated. :wink:

@linkwell It appears that you may have the title mixed with a age recommendation so it’s not translating well enough to work on.

As @munpip214 said, you can add your own artwork and info for this movie by following the instructions in the link provided.

That will be the easiest way.

If that is you that added this movie on TMDB you may want to clarify your info a bit on that site like adding release date/year.

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