Metadata manual search

I have many items in my other folder so I have beeen going thru and updating them by editing the metadata for each file. I keep running into cases where the show exists on both as well as the but will not pull up in infuse. Examples are:Taboo (2017), SIX (2017), Big Little Lies, The Night Of, Broad City. This happens on both iOS and TVOS.

Chances are that there is some anomaly in the file name that’s causing your problems, if you want to provide the exact file names maybe we can get the last few hold outs figured out.

Your problem is that Infuse incorrectly assumed that the given media belongs to a certain library–either “Movies” or “TV Shows.” Even items landed in “Other” have that assumption baked into them, so don’t expect to be able to correct them there, either. Once it does that, there is no way to move items to other libraries. I’ve described the problem here: [BUG] TV show episodes appear in Movies library. The solution to this is essentially letting us define our own libraries (or at the very least choosing between different metadata sources on the edit screen), which would require us to choose what metadata engine powers them, on a per-library basis. That would completely eliminate this problem of not being able to move items across libraries, because Infuse is the one in control of deciding what media belongs to what library, and its often erroneous. Support this suggestion (Allow defining any number of libraries) that recommends allowing us to define any number of libraries, which implicitly requires that in defining those libraries we choose the metadata engine powering the matches for those libraries.

I’m seeing the same issue. Is this gonna be fixed? For example, I can find ‘Supernatural the Animation’ ( at but Infuse doesn’t auto grab it (which doesn’t really bother me cause I usually just go to ‘edit’ and then search for it anyways) and when I choose ‘Edit’ and look for it, it doesn’t show.

I’m hoping the issue earns some interest from the team, but I haven’t heard anything yet. We’ll see.

It seems something changed because the issues I was seeing (like with my Supernatural the Animation example in my previous post) has been resolved. :smiley: