IMDb/TMDB title id matching for adult content

Just recently Infuse supported suggesting the TMDB/IMDb IDs in the filename (Inception {tmdb-27205}.mkv), which is great.
At the same time it seems to be by design, that

Infuse does not currently download metadata or artwork for titles tagged as adult/explicit on TMDB, as this is not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines.

…according to the Metadata 101 docs.

I understand that you set this flag to prevent accidental fetching of adult content and displaying it inside the app. However when the metadata agent fetches the immediate ID by the initially mentioned feature, can’t you assume that it is deliberate by the user, therefore allowing it? Where’s the line between allowing this and allowing custom/local metadata and artwork (which is fine according to the docs)?

You see my point? It would really be great if there was a way to fetch TMDB’s adult content as well.

I’d recommend you follow the instructions on how to provide your own metadata.

I’m guessing that Firecore really doesn’t want to add to the burden of avoiding Apple restricted content by stepping around methods.

Adding metadata really isn’t difficult and it keeps things within Apples requirements.

but it’s definitely tedious? It was tedious enough, but worthwile, to find and add TMDB’s IDs to hundreds of movies. I’d really like to avoid having to add nfo files, ~especially since it would require introducing folders which I not necessarily have at the moment~ edit: apparently that’s not necessary, I stand corrected. It can be a file with the same name alongside the video file.

Anyways I guess this would call for a script, then, or I’ll look into this “tinyMediaManager”.